Christmas cracker workshop at Entremots

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Come to Entremots and create your own Christmas cracker!! It’s a free workshop!

Thursday 29th December 2016 at 10 am

Entremots Centre d’Idiomes i Traducció
C/ La Llosa, 6 – 12003 – Castelló

Send us an email and sign up for this free workshop: or call us on 630539553.

Do you want to know more about crackers? Just keep on reading…

Taller de Christmas crackers


Christmas crackers are a tradition in the UK. They were first made by a sweet maker called Tom Smith back in 1845.

Today, the Christmas crackers are short cardboard tubes wrapped in colorful paper. Two people are needed to pull the crackers, one from each end of it. You pull… and it cracks with a bang! Inside youc can find a colorful party crown, a toy or gift and a joke. The crowns are thought to symbolise the crowns that might have been worn by the Three Wise Men.

Después de pasárnoslo muy bien con nuestro taller de manualidades, aquí os dejamos unas imágenes del resultado: unos magníficos crackers navideños hechos con mucho cariño por nuestros alumnos. ¡Gracias a todos los asistentes, esperamos poder contar con vosotros de nuevo el año que viene!